And The Christmas Miracles Abounded…


cropped-img_3885.jpgI believe in magic; I’ve said it before. I believe that magic presents itself to us in ways that we don’t always recognize or appreciate, but it’s magic just the same. I believe in goodness. I believe it outweighs bad, when all the numbers are added up and all the final words are in. Though it often appears the other way around, I believe that good prevails. I believe in Christmas. I believe in Christmas as more than the poofed-up, materialistic, shopper’s-drug-of-choice, commercialized, free-for-all, that so many people call it. I believe. And this year, it all came together in a perfect storm of Christmas perfection.

If you missed all the fun last week, lucky you. I was in the hospital; things were quite scary, and Christmas was looking pretty iffy… at best. Let’s face it, I am Christmas in my house. My husband and my kids are Jewish…

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