Disney men… Princes?!

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Feel like a child again!

Feel like a child again!

I recently went to see Disney on Ice. And as expected, it was magical. But now I have been thinking, why are all these fairy tales always from the princess’ view? Why do we only hear from the Prince when the princess needs some kind of rescuing or when the writer thinks ok, the audience must be quite sick of just the princess, the men also need to relate in some way, queue Prince Charming! Yes, yes in some cases it’s not a prince, like in Aladdin, Tangled (Although in the original Rapunzel it is a prince and not the Smoulder) and the newest craze Frozen. But it seems that it is always a princess, except Mulan, no prince or princess there. THERE IS HOPE!

There are two Disney movies I can think of that is from the Prince’s view: 1 is the heart warming…

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Iao Valley

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Iao Needle

Iao Needle

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This scenic spot is tucked away on West Maui.  It is not well known and usually skipped by those on the island for only a few days.

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Monet’s Japanese Footbridge?

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I can tell you that this is not Monet’s Japanese footbridge , maybe not one that inspired Monet.

However, this was the first thing came to mind, when I saw this footbridge in the Ritsurin Gardens in ShikokThis footbridge, although offers a curve profile like the one in Monet’s painting, has quite a few intermittent column supports, whereas the Monet’s footbridge has a column free arch superstructure.CIMG5568

Unfortunately, there were also no water lilies near to the footbridge. However, there were a few big koi swimming around, which added to the atmosphere.

I llike arch bridges, especially arch footbridges. In fact, one main drive of this trip was to see this bridge and the Kintai (ribbon like) footbridge.CIMG5568A

For comparison, I am also posting a sepia version of this footbridge.

It is my dream that one day, I will visit Giverny where Monet designed and built his Japanese footbridge. For…

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