We Never Owned An Ipad! – Cute Video

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One of the cleverest  videos ever posted. A British comedy “take” on kids growing up in the 1970’s. This is definitely worth a few of your precious  minutes to just  sigh, giggle, reflect and smile on all that was so much part of our lives back then.  (You’ll be surprised how many well-loved items from that era have been almost completely forgotten. Was it a better time?  in hind-sight I think so ha! –  Your views on the video welcome. :)  –


1970s Fad’s and Fun

Growing Up 1970’s Meant Streaking, Pet rocks, and Atari Video games, and much more.

There were a few fads in the 1970s. Streaking was probably one of the more memorable. So popular was removing all of your clothes in a public place and running to avoid capture, that songs were written in it’s honor. Truckers enjoyed the spotlight too. Songs about their lifestyle…

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Guggenheim, Bilbao II

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Fog by Fujiko Nakaya

Fog by Fujiko Nakaya

5 Photos in This Gallery

More of my efforts to avoid triteness at this amazing building in Bilbao.  I did get lucky because they turned on the fog machine while I was there.  Last night I visited Houston art galleries and had sushi rolls for dinner followed by a good night’s sleep.  Toto, there is no place like home.

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