Writing Prompt – Finish the Story Part III

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Tuesday, July 22 in The Matticus Kingdom, the gauntlet was thrown. Challenge accepted.

Prompt and Part 1

Part 2

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Part 3: Faerie

Silence hung over the Grove when Rhys arrived. A few more minutes until midnight, but he could hardly wait another second for the reunion he had never even dared hope for. So complete was the break between them, so final was the taking of Gwenlyann’s memories – or so he’d thought. Time was when only the wizard who had cast a spell of Unremembrance would be able to undo it, and that at great cost to the caster. How had Gwenlyann remembered him? Rhys felt overwhelmed, like he was trying to catch up to events he didn’t know how to interpret.

Without sound or ceremony, she appeared in the moonlight at the edge of the Grove. As she stepped into the relative darkness of…

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Technology hates me

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I’m writing this blog post with the idea that my computer is going to break at any time now. Not much of a hardware wiz, but it’s making some awful sounds. Also, it’s slower than ever. So technology hates me, because this has happened before.

And I kind of need your help. Just so I can keep writing. Or have something on which to write. And blog. And run irevuo from. And it’s kind of nice when you have a computer in the house. Don’t know. Otherwise you feel like living in a cave (been there, done that.)

All jokes aside, I could really use some help from you guys. There are a number of ways you can do that.

You can:

a. Contribute to this campaign here. There are a number of great perks, and you’ll also be helping us with irevuo, and the digital magazine we plan…

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Packing Tips: An Interview with Tarriss Travel Gear’s Founder

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My recent post on overweight luggage prompted several comments from readers who have found themselves in similar predicaments and from Todd Ariss, founder of Tarriss Travel Gear, the manufacturer of the luggage scale I purchased to avoid future airport debacles.

Todd started the company because he was dissatisfied with existing products on the market. Since its debut on Amazon 5 months ago, the Jetsetter Luggage Scale has generated 96% favorable reviews and become the #1 rated luggage scale. I asked Todd to provide some insight about his travel tips and habits. He graciously accepted my invitation and, as an extra bonus, he is offering THREE (3) free scales to lucky readers and a 25% coupon.  Details are at the end of the post.

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