Weekly Photo Challenge: Silohuette (Seaside Promenade)

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I have been showing some night views of the seaside promenade in Hong Kong.

This image was taken in about the same location; but before the sun actually set.4896163873_687f31ac34_o

Silhouettes of trees, people resting, skyline of part of the city is the main theme.

The sun was going down before it completely disappeared from the horizon – it cast an immense reflection in the sea.

This restful picture was taken by my friend CP Chan to which the credit is due.

Please enjoy!

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Houston Fine Arts Scene, Late 2012

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Installation by Adela Andea

Installation by Adela Andea

5 Photos in This Gallery

The first three photos were captured at an opening for Latin American artist Gabriel de la Mora at Sicardi Gallery in Houston.  It was my first visit to Sicardi’s new and spacious building across the street from the Houston Center for Photography.  Sicardi specializes in the work of Latin American artists.  I thought the associate’s red outfit was quite theatrical.  The two Venezuelan girls were fans of  the artist and explained one of his works was constructed out of thousands of layers of paint.  Because the show included a light sculpture, it reminded me that I wanted to photograph Adela Andea’s outdoor installation at the Art League of Houston, so I drove a few blocks to get there and photographed it.

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World As Your Lover, World As Self – Inspirational Quotations

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image -Beauty Of The Arts

image -Beauty Of The Arts

“When the sense of self expands to the circumference of the world, one’s ethics, love, hatred, one’s sense of what is important—all change. Sensitivity and the strength to respond to it unite. Yet there are psychopathologies whose descriptions sound like this. I suspect that unless the insubstantial nature of one’s personal self is deeply seen and felt (seemingly a rare event, even among Buddhist practitioners), the act of expanding the sense of self will lead too easily to some form of inflation or megalomania. “

~Tyrone Cashman talking about the book, World as Lover: World as Self.

Spiritual traditions have tended to look at the world in four major ways: as a battlefield, as a trap, as a lover, and as the self. The first two – as a stage set for our moral battles or as a prison to escape – are probably…

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