Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

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As I scrolled through the over 300 blog posts here the frequency at which yellow showed up in my photos amazed me.  I tried to pick a few where yellow was fundamental to the composition and in some cases clearly associated with the subject.  “Sulphur Vent and Zuti may be found by clicking on the “Croatia” menu button in the header above.  Union Pacific’s colors are a frequent sight in Houston.  The city was a rail center before oil wis discovered at nearby Spindletop.  Likewise, Marcia what photographed in Houston.  The pedicabs were just outside the Quarter, in New Orleans;  there is a menu button above for those popular photos.


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The Last Minute Mini Gift Guide .

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Stocking stuffers

Hey there, bow friends!

5 days left until Christmas.  How prepared are you?  Did you just remember you need to buy a gift for your second cousin you only met once?  Well, I’ve got your back.

I’ve been Christmas shopping since November and I came across a reoccurring theme in people’s gifts.  No matter the gender or age, I tend to get people a little something cozy, a little something practical, and then a little something special.  My something cozy tends to be fuzzy socks because everyone needs to wear a sweater on their feet.  Blankets, scarves, and hot water bottles also work perfectly for this time of year.

My favorite something practical I’ve found this year has been this Violoight Slim Sonic Electric Toothbrush.  A toothbrush might seem like a strange gift, but let me tell you this one is awesome.  I’m mostly into it…

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Limehouse Blues

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Diebenkorn blue

There has to be fog in Limehouse
soft as whispers
trailing grayness
misting storefront windows
where old men sit at tables
still as crickets
when the mating season’s passed.

There have to be mirrors in Limehouse
above unnumbered doorways
so that restless evil spirits
drift unknowing by.

There must be a woman in Limehouse
gazing at a dresser top
where there’s an unlit lamp…
pink shade…red fringe.
She considers implications
of a single fortune cookie
upon a thin white saucer.

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Richard Diebenkorn

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Images from Angkor Wat

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Lately, there are too many things bothering me, those who have been reading my posts may already knew some of them.
I need some positive energy to get back into blogging, but before that I can only retrieve some photos and prepare some quick posts.

The images we got from Angkor Wat are just amazing. Given that many of the structures were built from stone blocks and stacked together, some of the resulting structures can be quite angular too.DSC_0165 Here is an example.

Please enjoy!

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