“Letting Go” For Happiness – Inspirational Quotations

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Thanks to Val Boyko for the youtube.

Alan Watt’s videos are a great source of wisdom. This short one is no exception. He speaks here about attachment, and how we humans hang on to things. We grasp at fleeting happiness that, like a butterfly, flits in and out of our lives leaving only memories. Neither things nor people make us really happy. We need to learn happiness from those who are masters in that department. Anandamayi Ma was a master of happiness or what she called bliss.

In the book The Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma, the author, Alexander Lipski has given many wonderful accounts of her mastery and her teachings on non-attachment. Anyone who was fortunate enough to meet Anandamayi Ma – and there are many fortunate ones still living – knows that something of her teaching is in her very person. She was the living embodiment of  “A…

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Last night. Last change. Last offer.

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I’d like to thank those of you who contributed last night and took me closer to raising the funds that I need in order to purchase a new computer.

I’m currently working on borrowed gear, which I’ll have to return by the end of the month.

That being said, there are only 14 hours left in the campaign, and $205 to raise.

It’s all or nothing. Now or never.

There are also super cool advertising offers available. For only $25: reblogs and sponsored posts.

Anyone who contributes $50 or more to the campaign will be included as sponsor on my blog for the rest of the year, will have a blog post reblogged, and will also be featured on a special post, alongside a short description of their blog/website and a link to that website. That post will be kept sticky for the entire month of September.

Any help…

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Notes From The Afterlife

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I have been absent from this place for a good long while, and some of you may have thought I’ve dropped of the face of the earth, which wouldn’t be strictly false. I’ve gone on a journey of sorts, one I can never return from.

A journey to the afterlife.

The life after Japan, that is, but sometimes it feels like an afterlife of sorts: dreamlike and bewildering, wistful yet wonderful. Where am I now? What am I doing here? Who can really say?

Physically speaking, I’ve fallen off the face of the earth and landed on its opposite face: Ottawa, Canada’s capital city (Surprise! Toronto is not our capital). I have a place to live but not yet furniture, a handful of friends but not yet a husband (he’s coming soon don’t worry). I have a job, too, thank the Lord.

Mentally, or emotionally, I’m firmly rooted in the…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (Pacific Coast Highway SR1)

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Here are a couple of images which I think show the most beautiful part when driving along the Pacific Coast or State Route 1.

Both images were taken by my wife as part of her 5400 miles travel in the Southwestern part of the States.CIMG5289

While the National Parks in the SW was her major focus of the trip, the drive back from Las Vegas to San Francisco along the SR1 was one of the most memorable.

The first photo was taken about 16 miles south of Big Sur, looking south at the McWay Rocks. The fog and the sea was just too atmospheric to describe.CIMG5290

The second photo shows part of the Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur.

Both images are wonderful examples of silhouette which I would like to share.

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