Thanksgiving in SA…

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I’m not an American in any way or shape (I aint round or extremely skinny, which seems to be the 2 available shapes in America) but I celebrated Thanksgiving with a special friend from the USA last night and I gotta say, yikes, you guys know how to food! No wonder one of the shapes is round…



Anyways, before we all dug into the food that we all made ourselves (I made green bean casserole :) and it was amazing) she told us a quick breakdown of where the tradition came from. So, I googled it and inevitably, got lost in the black hole that is the Internet for about an hour before reading about Thanksgiving. I knew the just of it already, the European settlers going over to North America in the year Something-long-ago-hundred and then dying because they couldn’t grow anything in the soil and had no medical…

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Just a Game.

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I went to see what First Offspring was doing the other day, and found he was playing a game on the computer. It’s called ‘Thomas Was Alone’, and the characters in it are different shaped coloured blocks. I’d heard of the game, but not played it, and I asked First Offspring about it.

‘Is it a good game?’ I asked him.

He nodded.

‘Do you feel sorry for that one—’ I pointed at a block on the screen—’when it can’t get to where it wants to go?’

‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘so this one helps the other one. This one is better at jumping than that one.’

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